Expansion of a tool that can correct historical OCR- captured texts (FAG 4.3)

Project Contend

There are two aims of the cuartion-project:

  1. The development of a system that can correct special historical OCR texts much faster. The system should also offer the usability, stability and reliability needed to be used from research groups and institutes to make their work more easy.
  2. The system should be widespread as an open source system, so that all interested institutes of humanities and history science, libraraies or establishments to sustain current stocks are able to use it. Therefore a user community should be build to spread the system, develop new functions and sustain the quality of the tool


  • 01.04.2015 – 31.03.2016



Responsible institution

  • Center of Information and Language Processing, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich


Executing Staff

  • Florian Fink (50%)
  • Dr. Uwe Springmann (25%)


Project webpage and references