Tools for Analysing Research Data

Working with research data? CLARIN is supporting you! General and specialised tools for the automatic and manual analysis of own and re-used data support research processes in Humanities and Social Sciences. Web-based automatic tools help you analyse, annotate, or visualise your data and enrich it with processes of computational linguistics. With WebLicht, you get access to modules, which you can sequence into a pipeline of processing steps. For the annotation of small data, a CLARIN curation project developed WebAnno with which you can manually annotate your data, via a web-browser, and in collaboration with other researchers. With Web-Maus, you can automatically align textual transcriptions with speech signals, which makes it possible to listen to the pronunciation of a certain sentence.

WebLicht: automatic processing of resources

WebAnno: web-based annotation of resources

WebMaus: automatic alignment of transcriptions and speech signals