Welcome to CLARIN-D

Erhard Hinrichs Humanities, Cultural and Social Sciences work with sources which are either produced by the projects themselves, collected, or taken from archives. CLARIN-D is a research infrastructure that helps researchers of Humanities, Cultural and Social Sciences with accessing, preparing and analysing of research data. CLARIN-D also offers information on a wide range of topics, including teaching material, help on data management plans and other, discipline-specific support.

Once a researcher has found interesting research data that is provided for the research community, accessing the data is the next step. If such research data is documented, described and archived, and thus "properly" given to the research community, it can be easily found and cited, so that research results can be reproduced, or secondary studies on existing data sets can be undertaken.

Data that is produced in research projects can be archived long-term with the support of the CLARIN-D centres. The data gets its own permanent reference, and therefore, it is possible to cite the data very much like traditional media such as books or scientific articles. This also helps satisfying the requirements of funding agencies, which want research data to stay accessible after the research project has ended.

Tools for analysing research data are web-based and can therefore be used without any extra requirements. CLARIN-D, the German partner of the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, makes available tools for Humanities, Cultural and Social Sciences scholars to analyse their research data in different ways.

In addition to those major points, CLARIN-D also offers support for researchers in the following scientific areas: rich sources of material which help researchers to best use the CLARIN infrastructure, to manage their research data, and to address ethics and legal questions. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask us! Under Help you find ways to contact us. You can also find a centre specialised in your field of research there.

Sincerely, Erhard Hinrichs
Former Scientific Coordinator CLARIN-D